Puppy Preparations

Dear Readers,

We’ve been making some exciting preparations around the house – we’re puppy proofing everything before we go and pick up our new family member on Sunday!!

I could not be more excited!!

We finally agreed on a name; Milo!!

He’s a gorgeous little Golden Retriever, coming to us all the way from NSW. The breeder is lovely and she keeps sending photos (although he refuses to keep still for them) so I thought I would share!!

We also had lots of fun picking out puppy things ❤

And the backyard has had some major changes, including the addition of some ‘grass’. My awesome Dad and my partner Kris have been working tirelessly the last few weekends!

The house has had a few small but important changes, from moving a few things inside cupboards or higher up out of reach, tidying cables, painting all the things we had left to paint, to replacing the curtains (now both pretty machine washable!).

So many changes, and I could not be more excited!!! Can’t wait to share photos when we pick him up!!

I’ve got a few projects crochet projects that are nearing completion so also keep an eye out for them 🙂

Crafted with love,
Mandy xoxo


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