Etsy Love: Barruntando

A sweet Christmas gift ❤ 


Dear Readers,

Around October my sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I sent her a few Etsy links. Upon one of my many 3am Etsy searching sessions (thanks to my wonderful permanent night shift position) I stumbled upon a glorious collection of yarn bowls. Made by Barruntando, I picked this guy as my favourite – seriously, could a bowl be any cuter??

I sent her a few hundred links though, so that I would have no idea what would end up under the tree with my name on it – I like surprises.

I was so delighted when I unwrapped this little fox, and he has found a nice little home on my bedside table.

Very versatile, any yarn bowl helps to keep projects running smoothly – this guy just does it so cutely. The idea is that you simply pop your yarn into the bowl and slip the yarn into the little cutout (as shown below), and away you go – the weight and design keeping the yarn in place so you don’t have to worry about it rolling on the floor or getting tangled. You can use the holes to keep your crochet hooks in or for multi-coloured projects. I keep my tools inside it when I’ve put my yarn away for the day. Below is also a sneak-peek at one of the looooooooooong blanket projects I’ve been working on (it’s a queen-sized throw!).

Alternatively, you could always use the trick my mum taught me – chuck your skein in a bag and hang it near you (on the back of a chair, on a door handle, on the knob of  a dresser drawer, whatever works). But I quite like this cute fellow.

What cute crochet tools have you got/would you recommend? I’d love to see them!

Crafted with love,
Mandy xoxo


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