Gardening: The Survivors

2/12 sunflowers – the only survivors, with budding flowers!!


Dear Readers,

Late last year I shared how I was starting to fix up my small backyard. It started with leveling out one side, placing some lovely fake grass, and creating a garden bed at the back. My amazing father with help from my loving boyfriend put in the hard work to achieve my vision for a cute little courtyard. I also shared my first attempts at growing plants from seeds.

Well, these two sunflower plants are the only survivors…

I love Milo, and he loves to help me out with maintaining the backyard, but we do not share the same vision about what that should look like.

Now you will notice a whole bunch of greenery in the garden bed next to the sunflowers… I actually can’t be sure they’re not weeds. But, I did throw a few hundred assorted poppy seeds (mildly in frustration) into a fertilized patch of soil shortly before the garden bed was done up, and Dad mixed up the dirt and possibly spread all those seeds everywhere. I didn’t actually expect the seeds to grow after the dirt was mixed up. I’m waiting a bit longer to see if flowers sprout, and if not I’ll replace this mystery growth with some grown plants from Bunnings (I can admit I have not yet acquired enough gardening skills to grow baby plants, but so far have managed to keep a few established plants alive).

Dad gave me a cutting of one of his plants which I had to move out the front because Milo was hell-bent on getting into the pots. I also have a few succulents, and I’m content with just that for now. Since we got Milo I feel like taking care of him is enough to occupy most of my spare time, but getting him into a routine with feeding and walking him has actually helped me to remember to water my surviving plants.

Who knows how this will progress throughout the year, but if anything else changes I’ll keep you updated.

Crafted with love,
Mandy xoxo


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