Crochet: Temperature Tapestry (January)



Dear Readers,

Despite however many projects I’ve already started, I always seem to be bombarded with great ideas for new projects on social media. This one I’ve seen around New Years time for the last few years and I finally decided that this would be the year to try it – a year long project!!

The idea is that for every day of the year you add a row, and the colour choice depends on the temperature. I’m roughly following the guide from pin, but rarely does it even reach zero here in Melbourne and I’ve decided to go by the top temperature for the day so I’m doing less colours. I’m hoping this will be a good stash buster – I’ve already used up the last small bit I had of that lemon yellow, you’ll see that I switched to mustard yellow part-way through but they mean the same temperature. Using any red colour = 32°C and above, any orange colour = 26-31°C, any yellow colour = 20-25°C, any green colour = 14-19°C, any blue colour = 8-13°C, and any purple colour = 7°C or below! (I added a black row to seperate the months.)

I’m keen to hang it up rather than use it as a blanket, so I’ve made mine 117 stitches wide and I’m using a simple single crochet so that it’s not 5m long. So far I’ve found it only takes me aboout 5-10 minutes a day. I try to keep track of the top temperature by using the weather app on my phone (just the one that comes with the iPhone) and either writing that down towards the end of the day, or a few times I’ve had to google what the top temperature in my area was for the last few days. I’m trying to do this daily, but sometimes I have done 3-5 days at once because I simply missed them. I would imagine that might continue to be the case as I’ve gone back to work and will be starting up my studies again in March.

Are you working on something similar? Or something completely different, that also will take the whole year to finish? I’d love to see it!

Crafted with love,
Mandy xoxo


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